Ultrasound has been used since the 1950’s to promote healing. It is particularly useful in the recovery of ‘dense’ type tissues such as muscle, tendon, scar tissue and joint capsules.

The cells of the tissues are stimulated by a physical soundwave which passes through them causing their activity to increase. This helps optimize the body’s natural healing processes. The ultrasounds used in the clinic are for therapeutic healing rather than diagnostic scanning.

Interferential Therapy

Inferential therapy can help with pain relief, muscle stimulation, reduction of oedema (swelling) and increase in blood flow.

Inferential uses electrode pads to deliver a small electrical current into the tissues beneath the skin. The machine uses a carrier wave which results in a low frequency treatment upon the local nerve network.

Laser Therapy

Laser is a newer treatment. The laser light passes through the skin into the superficial tissue, stimulating cellular activity. There is growing evidence which suggests laser therapy is useful for inflammatory joint pain, soft tissue injury and the reduction of pain